Hello World! We wanted to introduce you to the Cardin McCoy team. We will be doing a series of  Blog Posts (some mini and some not so mini) that will show you our employees and exactly what they do for us - some wearing many hats, some wearing hats you probably didn't even know exist, and some whose hats are ever changing! Cardin McCoy started small, in the co-owners' parent's home and we have grown since that time in 2017. Cardin McCoy currently has over 20 employees and fortunately we are growing everyday! 

So much goes into creating our products that we not only want to showcase the process - design to creation -  but the people behind it as well, because they are the real talent. The amount of people that go into making this "well oiled machine" run is an adventure in itself. Our employees are what keep the business up and running and helping to make us a success everyday. 

Over the next few days we will be introducing you to a department at a time! Here are the departments you will be getting to know - Screen printing, Shipping/Folding, Wholesale, Sales, Design, Retail store, Administration. Soon you will realize what I mean when I say "some where many hats!"

We look forward to you getting to know the people that not only work here but have a true love for this company! 

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